Construction Updates

over 4 years ago


Our Retention pond is finished, and the french drain is also near complete! All underground services are basically finished, and the roads are presently being being built.

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over 4 years ago

Sales Office is Now Complete!

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over 4 years ago

Infrastructure Installation Begins

Here some pictures of the infrastructure installation progress.

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  • Tile_20130628_145918
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  • Tile_20130705_114822
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over 4 years ago

Site Preparation Has Begun

Site Prep including grubbing and grading is now under way! Infrastructure installation will begin on Tuesday July 2nd, 2013.

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over 4 years ago

Site Office Update

Progress Update – The Site/Sales office is framed up and the doors and windows are being installed today! We are well on our way!

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over 4 years ago

Site/Sales Office Under Way!

We are beginning construction of our site/sales office. This building will serve as both an office to manage the project, as well as a generous area to view the overall project, all of the different types of units available, various materials (cabinets, flooring, finishes, etc…) as well as a sales facility.

Estimated completion time 4-6 weeks.

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over 4 years ago

Begining Infrastructure work

We have completed all necessary steps to begin infrastructure work! All in ground services will commence June 2013.

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almost 5 years ago


We currently have a development agreement in place with the Town of Niverville and we are excited to begin this unique community! We are working with the engineers and planners to be able to start installing infrastructure by this summer. We will keep this page updated as progress continues. Please browse our other web pages in the meantime to familiarize yourself with the buildings, features, and amenities of this new Lifestyle Condominium Community!

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